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Welcome to death_eyes, the Livejournal Death Note community! Come discuss Death Note with fellow fans, post your fan art and fanfic and see what others have to offer. Please read the rules before posting, and have a great time!

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Kylara [userpic]

Title: BeLoved
Circle: Rotsurechiriha & Menoko Kamuy
Doujinka: Chiyo & Yuuta

Scanlated by chainedheart_dn & kamibana.
- Scanned by necrohamster.
- Translated, cleaned, and typeset by kylara.

Focus: Beyond x L.
Pages: 25
About: A two part story featuring Beyond and L while at Wammy's House. In the first story: Beyond will show L that he's not just a replacement. In the second story: A young Beyond is caught wandering into L's private study.
Content: Dubcon kissing as adults; loneliness, general cuteness as kids.

Download at Kamibana || Download at Chained Heart

Kylara [userpic]

Title: Sono Hate wo Shirazu, The Unknown Horizon
Circle: Miss DoLL
Doujinka: Katsumi Syundoh

Scanlated by kamibana.
- Scanned, translated, cleaned, and typeset by kylara.

Focus: Light x L.
Content: Kissing, thoughts of murder including strangulation, wet dreams.
Pages: 38
About: A wet dream about killing L leaves Light conflicted.

( Download at Kamibana )

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kylara [userpic]

Title: Maigo, Lost Child
Circle: Emotional Q
Doujinka: Akiyama Shinobu

Scanlated by chainedheart_dn & kamibana.
- Scanned by necrohamster.
- Translated, cleaned, and typeset by kylara.

Focus: L x Light.
Content: Psychological, captivity, dubcon kissing.
Pages: 30
About: While L has Light held captive, he pushes him psychologically to get him to confess.

Download at Kamibana || Download at Chained Heart

loopseylala [userpic]

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to sell this Complete Death Note series (Japanese Import)for £60 (not including shipping). Due to this there are no subs available in any of the DVDs. Included in this collection are the following:

• 13 DVDs (1-13)

• 13 accompanying toys that were released with each DVD including the Death King, Ryuk, Rem, L, Light, Misa, Near, Mello & Jealous. All are boxed and mint. They also come with their own stands.

• Each DVD includes a poster and a postcard with a unique picture per item.

One of the DVD cases has slight damage at the bottom, however it is still functional as a case and minor. If you wish to see a photo of said damage or the posters/postcards (unfortunately didn't manage to fit them here) please email me at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com if you wish to buy directly through paypal or visit my ebay listing at:


Mention Live Journal and we will automatically take £5 off the price^^
Kind Regards


Guys, I need money so badly, so I reduced the prices! If you're still not satisfied with the prices and you think they are too high, tell me and I'll thank about reducing it again for you! I really need to sell the stuff fast.
Selling lots of stuff. Please take a look!


nochick_fics [userpic]

Title: Best Laid Plans
Pairing: one-sided LightxL
Rating: PG
Timeline: During the nice!Light phase.
Words: 314
Summary: Light thinks about Ryuzaki and the future.

A smile blooms in the darkness...


Selling Death Note DVD limited edition. If you buy the DVD i'll give you death note poster, death note notebook and some other death note stuff as gift.

Visit my LJ for more deatils: http://akaban.livejournal.com/135833.html

K [userpic]

「Death Note」 10th Year Anniversary Special Project

Ruin_Takada [userpic]

Hey, Death_Eyes! Long time no see!

It's recently come to my attention that in two months' time, in December 2013, it will be the 10th Anniversary of the Death Note manga's first serialisation in Shounen Jump, making it ten years since Death Note's birth.

(Of course, it is not the 10th anniversary of its 'conception'; forty years before in 1973, in an unknown month, creator of Ge Ge Ge no Kitano and unanimously considered Japanese Horror Master Shigeru Mizuki first utilised the idea of the killer notebook in his oneshot piece The Miraculous Notebook. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it), the piece failed to win the ultimate prize of serialisation, and it wasn't heard of again. For more information, look to the pilot chapter of Death Note starring Taro Kagami, in which The Miraculous Notebook is referenced, or better yet, try your hand at finding the original piece.)

(That isn't to say that Ohba Tsugumi was inspired by Mizuki's piece - it, apparently, was a mere coincidence, one that Ohba merely paid homage to in the pilot. Comparing even TMN and the DN pilot will show how different they are.)

Let's not quibble it over the small stuff.

Meanwhile, this means that we have the opportunity to make December 2013 one long month-long celebration of all things Death Note. This is a time to rediscover our love for this manga (and for the anime and films while we're at it). This is an exploitable opportunity for fun and peace: It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of MattxMello, MelloxNear, or even NearxGevanni. It doesn't matter if you believe Kira is a Force of Good or an overwhelming Shadow of Evil. It doesn't matter whether you think Misa is sweet or irritating. All that really matters is that we all have that common love for Death Note, be it still fresh and strong or faded over the years into a wavering nostalgia.

Never has it been a better time, even ten years on, to be a Death Note fan.

So, my darlings: What are we going to do to celebrate? How are we going to mark this December?

If you have any ideas or suggestions, or have something to say about this coming anniversary in general, feel free to put your thoughts below~

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Kata [userpic]

Selling a bunch of doujinshi (Death Note, Hetalia & Bleach), all the prices between $7-$13! Please see if there's anything that interests you!

--> Doujinshi here! <--

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