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The Death Note Community
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Welcome to death_eyes, the Livejournal Death Note community! Come discuss Death Note with fellow fans, post your fan art and fanfic and see what others have to offer. Please read the rules before posting, and have a great time!

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sea [userpic]
Death note (yaoi) doujinshi

I'm putting together a list with dowloadable death note doujinshi (mostly yaoi) since they're kind of difficult to find. Please contribute! ^_^ (Mods: add this to the link list?)

( Follow the fake cut to my journal. )

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Added! Though I decided I'd rather not be a mod (time constraints), so I'm just another member. *g*


woa!thankies for giving all those links!

omg *glomp* i love u thankyouthankyouthankyou


los links estas desabilitados... ;_;


You should add it ^-^

it says "you are not authorized to view this protected entry" :[

It says I'm not authorized to view the entry. Why is that?

I get the page saying "you're not authorized to view this protected entry" also. why??

i think you must add me to your friends list or something...cos i'm not authorized either :( so...add me please! thanks :)

Yeah, I can't see it either... ;-; may I add you?

May I add you also?


Wanna have it!!! wanna have it!!!!
So am i going to add you? oO

I want to see it! May I add you? <3

may I add you also?

hai hai, i can't access it either ^_^ could you add me?


Eh, could you add me too? :D

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