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Death Note is a manga drawn by Obata Takeshi (who is also known for Hikaru no Go) and written by Ooba Tsugumi. Currently, the manga is complete at 13 volumes, the anime is complete and is being dubbed, and two live-action movies have been produced, with a third on the way. This community exists to discuss, upload, download, rant and rave about anything and everything Death Note! All Death Note fans are welcome to join us and have fun!


...Are Kanaliya, Allsunday, Efferent, and Eclipses. If you have any questions or concerns, we're here to help! Our contact info can be found in our profiles.


- This community tolerates both het and slash, and does not tolerate wank or trolls.

-Posts containing media downloads, links to media downloads, or adult content should be locked. We have to cover our asses here, folks.

-Please refrain from making general introductory posts. Saying hi during your first post is fine, but only so long as most of the post has something to do with Death Note.

-Respect the mods. We're pretty amazing, and we love you. ♥


...All embedded videos larger than the default YouTube size.

...Any major spoilers. Please remember that just because you've read all the manga, seen all the anime, and watched all the movies, does not mean everyone else has, especially now that the dub is out. Be considerate to your fellow fans.

...All advertisements for RPGs and other communities. You may post a small teaser, but the full extent of the community description (especially for RPGs) must be behind a cut. In addition, you may not advertise any community more than once without mod approval.

...All posts containing images that stretch the community layout or the friends page of most members. Generally, this means that uncut images should be no wider than about 300-400px. This is actually a fairly loose rule, but we ask that you use your best judgement and we'll use ours.

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